X Crossover Cuff with Diamonds


  • Sterling silver
  • Pavé diamonds, 0.13 total carat weight
  • 7mm wide
Store Style Number: B07437DSSADI
Web Style Number: DYF15_Y6963
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Store Style Number: B07437DSSADI
Web Style Number: DYF15_Y6963

Design Notes

Trained as a sculptor, David Yurman approaches the design of a piece of jewelry from every angle. “It’s about the whole piece,” he says. “How it feels in your hand, how it looks on the back as well as the front.” He combines shape and form to create designs with volume and dimension—wearable sculpture. “Form is form,” he explains, “whether it hangs on a wall, goes on a pedestal, goes on a wrist, or goes on a neck. Learning how to balance a little sculpture on a stand is really no different than learning how to balance a stone on the end of a bracelet.”

The Crossover Collection®

The Crossover collection explores the rhythmic weaving of line to create form and movement. Using a dynamic range of smooth and cabled cords, the individual strands are meticulously entwined. Artists explore consistent themes, rivers that run through the body of their work. For David Yurman, the integration of one form into another creates his distinctive artistic style.