The Quatrefoil Collection

Quatrefoil Chain Necklace


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  • Sterling silver
  • 36" long
  • Toggle clasp
Store Style Number: N11279SS36
Web Style Number: DYF15_Y19BJ
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Store Style Number: N11279SS36
Web Style Number: DYF15_Y19BJ

Design Notes

Trained as a sculptor, David Yurman approaches the design of a piece of jewelry from every angle. “It’s about the whole piece,” he says. “How it feels in your hand, how it looks on the back as well as the front.” He combines shape and form to create designs with volume and dimension—wearable sculpture. “Form is form,” he explains, “whether it hangs on a wall, goes on a pedestal, goes on a wrist, or goes on a neck. Learning how to balance a little sculpture on a stand is really no different than learning how to balance a stone on the end of a bracelet.”

The Quatrefoil® Collection

The quatrefoil, Latin for "four leaves,” is a shape common to Gothic and Renaissance-era art and architecture. In the hands of David Yurman, the classic form is reimagined in a collection of gold, silver, and diamond designs evoking elegance and mystery.

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