The Exotic Stone Collection

Exotic Stone Belt Buckle with Tiger's Eye


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  • Sterling silver
  • Tiger's eye inlay
  • 62 x 49mm
  • Belt sold separately
Store Style Number: B0K203SSBTE
Web Style Number: DYF15_N20VG
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Store Style Number: B0K203SSBTE
Web Style Number: DYF15_N20VG

Design Notes

David Yurman uses color fearlessly, combining gemstones in unconventional ways to create truly distinctive and captivating palettes. “Fashion has color moments,” he says, “but the reality for me is it’s not about trends. There are moments when you want something soft and muted, and moments when you want something deep and rich. I like the idea of mixing colors that you don’t often see together, which might feel a bit odd, yet the result is refreshing.”

The Exotic Stone Collection

The Exotic Stone Collection features rare and unique stones handpicked from all over the world for their coloring, composition, and symbolism. Born of the earth, over ages and eons, the stones tell a story of earth and humankind and carries the power of nature within it. Each specimen is hand chosen for its natural beauty. Highly skilled carvers then undertake the challenge of transforming the rough stones into polished gems and inlaying the material into artful David Yurman designs. Due to their beautiful natural composition of color and texture, the stones are available only in limited quantities, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

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