The Maritime Collection

Maritime North Star Bracelet


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  • Stippled sterling silver
  • Woven black leather, 13mm
  • Magnetic clasp
Store Style Number: B15256MSSBKLEM
Web Style Number: DYF15_N27WE
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Store Style Number: B15256MSSBKLEM
Web Style Number: DYF15_N27WE

Design Notes

David Yurman’s principles are grounded in classical aesthetics, but in every aspect of jewelry design, he is constantly innovating. The Cable bracelet, the cornerstone of every collection, was the result of an engineering feat that allowed production of the beautiful, strong, and iconic twisted helix. David Yurman has also been on the forefront of gemstone cutting, developing proprietary cuts that are renowned for revealing a stone’s fullest brilliance and color. But his innovation is especially evident in the men’s collections, where he continues to surprise with each new design, often using unconventional materials—meteorite, carbon fiber, titanium—in distinctive, timelessly modern jewelry.

The Maritime® Collection

The Maritime collection draws its influence from sailing lore and nautical equipment, including ropes, knots, and even the North Star that has guided sailors for ages. Each motif, while distinctive in its seafaring style, also reflects iconic Yurman codes; the similarity between ropes and Cable is not a coincidence.

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