The Waves Collection

Waves Three-Sided Ring with Carved Banded Agate


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  • Sterling silver
  • Carved banded agate
  • 25mm wide
  • Carved entirely out of a single piece of banded agate, a distinctive two-color effect is revealed. Due to variations in the stone, colors may vary slightly.
Store Style Number: R05619MSSPDA
Web Style Number: DYS14_N2AL2
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Store Style Number: R05619MSSPDA
Web Style Number: DYS14_N2AL2

Design Notes

Often, the creative process is set in motion by David Yurman’s experience in the natural world. The bend of a branch, the flicker of a star, a swaying stalk of wheat—in these small, poetic moments he finds endless inspiration. He interprets them in precious metals and gemstones, always revealing nature’s artistry. “I never make it symmetric,” he notes. “It’s perfectly asymmetric. Nature is not perfect.”

The Waves Collection

Ocean waves are one of the most awe-inspiring natural forces. Combining energy, power, ferocity, and beauty, waves have captivated artist for centuries. The Waves collection is inspired by the wood-block paintings of Japanese artist Hokusai and by carvings on the tsuba (hand guards) of 18th century Samurai swords. The contrasting pattern of the fluid waves and the geometric sky create a compelling, textured motif.