The Petrvs Collection

Petrvs Lion and Goat Signet Ring with Gold


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  • Sterling silver and 22-karat yellow gold
  • 23mm wide
Store Style Number: R05114MS
Web Style Number: DYF15_N049B
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Store Style Number: R05114MS
Web Style Number: DYF15_N049B

Design Notes

“Continuing in the classical tradition” is a David Yurman maxim. From early Greek and Egyptian art to Celtic jewelry; from medieval legend to sailors’ lore—the collections richly reference the relics and wisdom of antiquity. “My interest in design has always been touched by magical, ancient forms, David Yurman says. “I sense there is a common thread in recognizable symbols that seem to bind people together.”

The Petrvs® Collection

Inspired by ancient coins and stone carvings, the Petrvs collection merges signature David Yurman motifs with symbols of historical significance, creating compelling, modern jewelry pieces. To interpret antique forms in contemporary design, “what really makes it work is the balance,” explains Yurman. “And the balance is drawing from history but not doing historical reproductions. You’ve got to be involved in fashion, scale, and colors.”