The Naturals Collection

Naturals Sea Urchin Wide Band Ring with Black Diamonds


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  • Sterling silver
  • Black diamonds, 0.59 total carat weight
  • 13mm wide
Store Style Number: R05251MSSAB
Web Style Number: DYF15_N0PF8
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Store Style Number: R05251MSSAB
Web Style Number: DYF15_N0PF8

Design Notes

Often, the creative process is set in motion by David Yurman’s experience in the natural world. The bend of a branch, the flicker of a star, a swaying stalk of wheat—in these small, poetic moments he finds endless inspiration. He interprets them in precious metals and gemstones, always revealing nature’s artistry. “I never make it symmetric,” he notes. “It’s perfectly asymmetric. Nature is not perfect.”

The Naturals Collection®

Nature is a peerless designer, creating patterns and colors that have inspired mankind since the dawn of time. In creatures great and small, we find distinctive textures that we use to adorn ourselves and to feel at one with the natural world. David Yurman interprets the unique motifs of the alligator and sea urchin in designs of intricate beauty and timeless style. In the hand, they feel rich and artisanal. To run one’s fingers over them, feeling the contrast of smooth and rough, is a sensory experience.