Modern Chevron Tag with Gold

  • Sterling silver and 18-karat yellow gold 
  • Tag, 39 x 21mm 
  • Chain sold separately 
Also available in
All Sterling Silver
Style Number: D15549MS8
The Chevron Collection

Chevron, a unique and powerful take on the renowned Cable design, takes its cue from a motif that has appeared throughout the ages, from ancient Greek pottery to early Scandinavian heraldry to modern military insignia. David Yurman skillfully interprets the design in a modern, sculptural form, creating a play on light and dark—the valleys of the pattern are oxidized while the peaks are kept brightly polished.

The Modern Chevron Collection

This update on the classic Chevron Collection combines our signature motif with Evan Yurman’s fascination for automotive design for a more engineered look. Characterized by a V pattern, it’s a play on light and dark—the deeply carved valleys are oxidized, contrasting with the highly polished flutes. The precision cuts and angular pattern give Modern Chevron a contemporary and masculine feel.