Meteorite Knife-Edge Band Ring

Meteorite Knife-Edge Band Ring
Meteorite Knife-Edge Band Ring
  • Meteorite Knife-Edge Band Ring
  • Meteorite Knife-Edge Band Ring
  • Sterling silver 
  • Meteorite inlay 
  • Ring, 10mm wide 
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Style Number: R15334MSSAME
Design Notes

David Yurman’s use of unconventional materials is especially apparent in the men’s collections. Forged carbon, a sleek, strong material used in the aerospace and automotive fields, is transformed into modern, durable designs set in sterling silver. Titanium, commonly used in civil engineering and valued for its low density, is sculpted into minimalist pieces with a lightweight quality that belies the material’s strength. And in the Meteorite collection, a four-billion-year-old rock with a beguiling iron and nickel pattern is fashioned into jewelry that has an artisanal look while being completely cutting-edge. 

The Meteorite Collection

David Yurman dares to use a stone that is truly out of this world: meteorite that is hundreds of millions of years old. This remarkable stone features crystals of iron and nickel that give it its distinctive patterns. In rings, tags, cuff links, and bracelets, meteorite has an ancient quality that is completely contemporary. To know that it is some of the oldest material known to mankind is truly astonishing. To wear it is to carry a piece of the heavens with you. 

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