Cable Coil Triple-Drop Earrings

  • Sterling silver 
  • Earring, 57mm long 
Style Number: E11628 SS
Design Notes

Trained as a sculptor, David Yurman approaches the design of a piece of jewelry from every angle. “It’s about the whole piece,” he says. “How it feels in your hand, how it looks on the back as well as the front.” He combines shape and form to create designs with volume and dimension—wearable sculpture. “Form is form,” he explains, “whether it hangs on a wall, goes on a pedestal, goes on a wrist, or goes on a neck. Learning how to balance a little sculpture on a stand is really no different from learning how to balance a stone on the end of a bracelet.” 

The Cable Coil Collection

Cable Coil is formed from a series of concentric, circular loops, characteristic of the African art that influenced early 20th century sculpture. During David Yurman’s apprenticeship with modernist sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, he became fascinated with these simple motifs. This elemental design is reminiscent of a coiled snake biting its tail and symbolizes the human connection to the earth and its natural cycles.