Albion Ring with Diamonds, 20mm Gemstone

Style Number: R06636 S8
The Albion® Collection

In antiquity, the island of Great Britain was known as Albion. For the ancients, it referred to the white cliffs of Dover that line the coast and served as a marker for returning sailors. For the great Romantic poet William Blake, the name represented the liberation of humanity and the dawn of a new day. And for David Yurman, it inspired a collection of radiant bezel-set designs, capturing both the sense of a journey’s end and the brilliant beginning of something new.

Design Notes

David Yurman challenges conventional ideas of jewelry design and reveals the uncommon beauty of surprising unions. He was the first designer to set diamonds in sterling silver, revolutionizing the world of fine jewelry. In the men’s collections in particular, the designer works with unusual combinations, setting meteorite in 18-karat gold and mixing rubber with diamonds and colored gemstones.