Near their country home, David and Sybil take walks near a hidden pond. Around the placid water, willow branches dance languidly. The setting’s contemplative mood inspired David to write a haiku. His spare, evocative words now find form in a new collection that captures the lyrical beauty of the willow tree.

"The willow is delicate and strong,” says David Yurman. "It is one of the most confident, elegant trees in the world, with incredible majesty, and the jewelry has that feeling, too. There is a sense of a relaxed royalty to it. Everything about it is feminine and powerful.”
"Everything about it is feminine and powerful.”
Yurman’s iconic Cable motif is used in an entirely new way in the Willow collection. The twisted helix is re-interpreted in slender coils that fan into feathery fronds, their tips dusted with diamonds. The jewelry expresses a strong presence with airy lightness, letting the skin peek through. "These designs have great volume to them,” notes Yurman, "but there is a balance between open space and Cable. Like everything in nature, it’s perfectly asymmetric.”