David Yurman Iconics

David Yurman


The sculptural cable motif, an icon that set a new standard in design and the signature from which every collection stems.

Story of Cable

Forever Classic

A principle of classicism is purity of form as truth. For David Yurman, this form is cable and cable is the DNA of the brand. For over 30 years, David Yurman has evolved the cable motif, reinventing the twisted helix into a myriad of designs.

Rhythmic, strong and flexible, cable began as a bracelet, ingeniously created by marrying artistic vision with advanced technology. A unifying thread throughout every David Yurman collection, cable is used in innovative and beautiful ways.

At 16, David Yurman met sculptor Ernesto Gonzales who handed him a torch and taught him to weld. From then on, that light directed him, and the flame became a creative focus.

When David was 20-years-old, he was introduced to artist Jacques Lipchitz. From Lipchitz, he learned a point of view and that art is nothing but expression. Using his torch, everything he made was fashioned from wire. The lines and wires were comparable to those he would later twist into the first cable jewelry.



Introduced in 1994, the Albion collection features a signature cushion-shaped gemstone design with unique checkerboard faceting for a greater reflection of color and light.

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Artists always sign their work, and David Yurman is no exception. Cable is his signature, the unifying element of every collection. It shapes every design, creating movement, texture, and depth. In Cable, David's signature is unmistakable and inimitable.

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David Yurman transforms simple chains into works of striking jewelry. In his skillful hands and under his artful eye, chains are finessed into sensual strands of soft corners and sculptural edges.

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Born from David and Sybil Yurman's experience watching fireworks illuminate the Paris night sky, the Starburst collection explodes with bursts of gold or silver star motifs accented with brilliant diamonds.

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The Crossover® collection explores the rhythmic weaving of line to create form and movement by entwining a range of smooth and cabled cords. For David Yurman, the integration of one form into another creates his distinctive artistic style.

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