Life's favorite moments are just a memory away, free to be relived anytime. A look at how jewelry embodies love and light and a celebration of the inner child in all of us.
Jewelry shimmers in the golden light of memory, radiating a joyful spirit. This film embodies the reflective mood of the holidays, reminding us to cherish every moment.
Dance into fall with jewelry that moves to the beat of joyful life. In the latest video of Bruce Weber's series of 6 home movies for David Yurman, model Dilone captures this new spirit with style.
Introducing Fall 2016, starring the model and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova photographed and filmed by Bruce Weber. It tells a story of how jewelry can bring joy to your every day. From the iconic Cable Collection to Stax, the dynamic embodiment of David Yurman's design DNA, each piece is a natural complement for, ultimately, wherever life brings you.
Inspired by the quest for strength and speed in motorsport, David Yurman innovates with a new high-tech material, Forged Carbon, and has teamed with Walt Siegl to create a custom MV Augusta Brutale.
18k gold spiral forms with celestial movements designed with gold spheres, vivid gemstones and statement pearls.
David Yurman celebrates actor and comedian Kevin Hart with a one-of-a-kind meteorite creation.
Inspired by David Yurman's wife Sybil, a lifelong painter, vivid designs exalt signature cushion-cut gemstones in refined diamond settings.
Exceptional moments, vibrant jewels. Anna Ewers wears stacks of pavé in our colorful campaign.
A memorable proposal begins with the perfect ring. What will you remember?™
Fusing fine jewelry with the nostalgic aroma of an old-fashioned candy store, this limited-edition collection pairs 18-karat gold with resin infused with aromatic oils. While the innovation is unconventional, the flavors are classic—bubblegum, grape, peppermint, black licorice, and cotton candy.
"Kate has an amazing spirit," says David Yurman. "She brings our jewelry to life." Like these iconic designs, she evolves over time but is always uniquely beautiful.
Introduced in 2011, Starburst has already achieved classic status. "It's about excitement, the feeling you get when you see fireworks," says David Yurman.
Intrigued by the idea of space, Evan Yurman unlocks the innovative design capabilities of Gibeon Meteorite—an extraterrestrial material that is 4-billion-years-old. The remarkable stone features crystals of iron and nickel that give it its distinctive patterns. “Metal is everlasting,” says Evan. “Jewelry itself is timeless.”
Albion is David Yurman’s modern masterpiece—beautiful cushion-cut gemstone designs that have redefined how jewelry is worn. Twenty years after the collection’s launch, David introduces brand new pieces like the first-ever Albion timepiece—a stunning watch that melds Swiss timekeeping with fine jewelry design.
Near their country home, David Yurman and his wife, Sybil, take walks near a hidden pond. Around the placid water, willow branches dance languidly. The setting's contemplative mood inspired David to write a haiku, which now finds form in a jewelry collection that captures the lyrical beauty of the willow tree.
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