The Story of
David Yurman
The Beginning
David Yurman is born on October 12, 1942
in Manhattan. Sybil Yurman
(née Kleinrock) is born on December 10, 1942 in
the Bronx. Only two months and a few miles
apart, their lives would one
day become intertwined
through love, art, and design.
A Young Thinker
At the age of 11, David discovers a book in the local library depicting prehistoric cave paintings. He discovers the beauty of line and his love of art is ignited.
Learning to Direct Weld
David spends the summer
before 11th grade in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a destination for bohemians and artists. There, he learns sandal making from Roger Rileau and direct welding – the process of creating 3-dimensional forms from molten metal rods – from sculptor Ernesto Gonzales.
Early ‘60s
Free Spirit
David hitchhikes to Big Sur, California and immerses himself in the artistic renaissance of the beatnik generation. When he returns to New York, he moves to
Greenwich Village, where he becomes an apprentice
to renowned sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and eventually establishes his
own sculpture studio on Sullivan Street.
A Charmed Meeting
David meets Sybil while working for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp in New York City. She would become his co-creator – his partner in business and life.
Mastering Sculpting
David apprentices with Theodore Roszak, a leading
figure of the Post-World War II New York school
of modern sculpture.
A Business Begins
David designs the sculpted bronze Dante necklace as a gift for Sybil. A gallerist falls in love with it and places a few in her gallery.They immediately sell out, launching the Yurman’s first jewelry business.
David and Sybil create their earliest collections under the name Putnam Art Works, selling them at arts and crafts fairs around the country.
Partners for Life
On September 27, David and Sybil Yurman get married at Temple Emanu-El in New York. Afterward, they meet some friends for lunch, then head straight to a business meeting, planning to sell their company. Sybil still has bridal flowers in her hair when they arrive. The sale is supposed to be Sybil’s wedding present, but the offer is too low – the prospective buyer says he doesn’t believe the business is going to be very successful. The Yurmans walk away from the deal.
Birth of the Brand
David Yurman, the brand and company, is created, and later that year receives the Jury Award from the World Gold Council for the Starlight necklace, a precursor to the iconic Cable design.
Pearl of a Design
David is awarded Designer of the Year by the
Cultured Pearl Associations
of America and Japan.
A New Generation
Evan Yurman is born on January 31. From a very young age, he shows an aptitude and love for design.
A Design Icon
David Yurman introduces the first Cable bracelet. The Cable motif soon becomes the connecting element in every DY collection.
A Grand Debut
After just seven years in existence, David Yurman debuts in Basel, Switzerland
at the World Watch and Jewelry Show – the world’s largest event of its kind.
Silver Ice
With the introduction of Silver Ice®, David Yurman is the first major designer to set diamonds in sterling silver, revolutionizing the world of fine jewelry.
The Yurmans introduce the Cable Watch Collection® with the intention to design a “bracelet that tells time.” All David Yurman timepieces are produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
The First Boutique
The first David Yurman flagship store opens on Madison Avenue.
Design for a Cause
Inspired by a sculpture he created more than 20 years prior, David Yurman designs the Angel pin to benefit Project ALS, which generates over $250,000 for Lou Gherig’s disease.
A Timely Expansion
David Yurman SA, a watch company based in la Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is established to develop and build all David Yurman timepieces.
The David Yurman headquarters moves
to New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. An article from Time Magazine’s Style & Design supplement lauds the new space.
Evan Yurman, David and Sybil’s son, celebrates a decade at the brand collaborating on the design of Men’s, Wedding, Timepiece, and High Jewelry collections.
A Major Birthday
The company celebrates its milestone anniversary with an event, 25 Years of Classic American Design, at the Frick Collection in New York City.
L.A. Times
David Yurman opens a flagship boutique on North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
The Art of Love
David Yurman introduces the Wedding Collection: unique engagement rings created with the eye and heart of a sculptor.
Time, Designed
The Classic® timepiece for men is introduced. The watch features a round case – a first for the designer – in three hand, moon phase, and chronograph movements. The collection will go on to encompass sleek, beautiful designs for women, as well.
Grand Openings
David Yurman celebrates its 30-year anniversary with the opening of the Townhouse, its new flagship boutique on Madison Avenue. The five-story converted townhouse honors the brand’s dedication to beautiful design and craftsmanship, from the Cable-inspired staircase to door handles hand-sculpted by David Yurman himself.
This year also marks the debut of a David Yurman boutique in Paris. When they visit for the opening, David and Sybil witness a spectacular fireworks display over the Eiffel Tower. This is the genesis of the Starburst Collection.
The Ultimate Jewels
Evan Yurman debuts the High Jewelry Collection, one-of-a-kind designs that feature exceptionally rare and exquisite gemstones.
The Son Rises
Evan Yurman, David and Sybil’s son, celebrates a decade as a key creative leader in the design of the Men’s, Wedding, Timepiece, and High Jewelry collections.