In the Spotlight

A Modern Masterpiece
The vision of every artist is to create something innovative that defines his aesthetic.
For David Yurman, it is Albion--his signature cushion- cut gemstone collection.
Introduced in 1995, Albion has redefined how gemstones are worn—day or night,
casually and effortlessly.
Since 1995
For twenty years, Albion has defined the David Yurman aesthetic with its bold size and color and signature Cable details. David revisits Albion over time, a canvas on which he explores color, texture, and form. Dimensions may change. New materials are introduced. But always, Albion remains a timeless design of classical beauty—a modern masterpiece.
Variations on the Theme
As an artist, David continually returns to Albion, exploring new ways to express the form—a slight elongation,
playful new faceting, or a new design tailored for the wrist. The perspective is fresh…the style, timeless.
An Artist’s Limited Edition
David Yurman and his son, Evan, collect magnificent gemstones from around the world, keeping them until the right inspiration takes hold. The perfect moment presented itself in the Albion Collector’s Series. From extraterrestrial meteorite to vibrant purple sugilite, these stones are natural marvels. The series is numbered and, like all masterpieces, each one is signed by the artist.
A Closer Look at Meteorite
This remarkable stone is more than 4 billion years old and fell to Earth in prehistoric times. Crystals of iron and nickel give it its distinctive patterns.
Crafted by Hand
A master gem setter covers Albion
with diamonds, elevating the icon
to something spectacular.
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