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A color photograph shows a horizontal arrangement of David Yurman men’s designs from the Maritime®, Shipwreck and Chain collections atop and in front of reflective surfaces with angular, multi-colored reflections of light and jewelry. The Maritime® compass ring is crafted from sterling silver with a black diamond center stone. The pair of Maritime® compass cufflinks is crafted from sterling silver with 18K yellow gold and white diamond center stones. The sterling silver Shipwreck coin amulet is strung on a sterling silver box-chain necklace with two Maritime® amulets: an anchor crafted from sterling silver with black onyx, and a north star crafted from sterling silver. The final Maritime® compass amulet is crafted from 18K yellow gold with a diamond center stone, and is strung on an 18K yellow gold box-chain necklace.


Explore designs inspired by the
sea and a love of adventure.


Explore designs inspired by the 
sea and a love of adventure.

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Maritime Compass Amulet with Diamonds
Shipwreck Coin Amulet, 10.5mm
Maritime Anchor Amulet
Maritime Anchor Amulet
5 colors $450 - $1,150
Maritime Anchor Station Leather Bracelet
4 colors $600 - $1,200
Martime Compass Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold
Maritime Compass Signet Ring
Maritime Compass Signet Ring with 18K Yellow Gold
Shipwreck Coin Band Ring in Sterling Silver, 12mm
Shipwreck Coin Amulet
Maritime Rubber Reef Knot ID Bracelet
2 colors $600
Maritime Anchor Leather Wrap Bracelet
Maritime Reef Knot Band in Sterling Silver, 7mm
Shipwreck Band in Sterling SIlver, 8mm
Maritime Rope Band in Sterling Silver with Black Diamonds, 9mm
$2,000 - $2,100
3 colors $1,200 - $2,450
Shipwreck Chain Necklace
$1,800 - $1,850
Maritime Anchor Cuff Bracelet
Shipwreck Chain Bracelet, 10mm
Maritime Shackle Ring
Shipwreck Coin Ring, 23.5mm
Shipwreck Cable Chain Necklace
Shipwreck Chain Bracelet, 6mm
Maritime Belt
2 colors $565 - $575
Maritime Anchor Station Nylon Bracelet
2 colors $475
Shipwreck Cuff, 8mm
Maritime North Star Amulet
Shipwreck Signet Coin Ring, 20mm
Martime Anchor Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold
Maritime Anchor Leather Wrap Bracelet with 18K Yellow Gold
Maritime Leather Woven Shackle Bracelet
Maritime Anchor Cuff Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold
Maritime Sextant Amulet with Bronze
Maritime® Rope Band Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, 6mm