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A color photograph shows five David Yurman men’s tags strung on sterling silver, 18K yellow gold or black titanium box chains placed in a row on a grey marble surface. Three of the tags are crafted from sterling silver with pietersite, white diamonds or meteorite. One tag is crafted from 18K yellow gold. The final tag is crafted from black titanium with black diamonds. To the right of the jewelry is a white cup and saucer; to the left is a black-and-white photo of a skyscraper on a metal tray.


Modern amulets and pendants for men imbued
with meaning and individuality.


Modern amulets and pendants for men imbued
with meaning and individuality.


Modern amulets and pendants for men
imbued with meaning and individuality.

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Streamline Tag in 18K Yellow Gold, 35mm
Streamline Tag, 35mm
10 colors $700 - $8,500
Streamline Tag in Black Titanium, 35mm
Streamline Tag
Waves Dagger Amulet with 18K Gold
Chevron Cross
3 colors $350 - $750
Shipwreck Coin Amulet in 22K Gold
Maritime Compass Amulet with Diamonds
Waves Large Tag
Waves Large Tag
3 colors $1,600 - $4,900
Deco Star of David Pendant
2 colors $375 - $950
St. Christopher Amulet
Roman Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold, 15mm
Cable Classic Collection Cross with 18K Yellow Gold
Petrvs Lion Amulet
Roman Cross Amulet in 18K Gold
Exotic Stone Tag
5 colors $550 - $7,850
Southwest Feather Amulet
2 colors $450 - $475
Cable Classic Collection Cross
Forged Carbon Cross Pendant, 24mm
St. Michael Amulet
Star of David Amulet
St. Francis Amulet
Shipwreck Coin Amulet, 10.5mm
Exotic Stone Tag
2 colors $550 - $750
Waves Dagger Amulet
Exotic Stone Cross
Chevron Cross
Southwest Eagle Talon Amulet
Streamline Tag, 27mm
5 colors $375 - $3,650
St. Michael Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold
2 colors $2,400 - $3,650
Chevron Cross
Waves Skull Amulet
Martime Compass Amulet in 18K Yellow Gold
Streamline Amulet
Deco Cross Pendant, 34mm
2 colors $450 - $950
Chevron Ingot Tag
2 colors $450 - $850
Meteorite Tag
Tree of Life Amulet
Chevron Sculpted Cross, 36mm
Hamsa Amulet