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Please refer to our care instructions for information on how to clean and maintain your David Yurman designs. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you bring your jewellery to a David Yurman store for professional cleaning once a year.

We want you to enjoy your David Yurman designs for years to come. Should your piece ever need servicing, you can entrust our specialists with repairing it to preserve its beauty and longevity. Simply contact our David Yurman Flagship store in Paris and they will arrange a return label so you can drop off your David Yurman piece to the nearest FedEx location to be shipped to our UK service center.  

Upon receipt, our product servicing center will evaluate the item. The evaluation may take up to two weeks, after which they will contact you directly to discuss any service fees. Taken into consideration will be “time owned” as well as “condition received” when evaluating a piece. 

Should you request an exchange or need product servicing for an online order, we can accommodate shipping to and from the country where we delivered your order. If you need service from an international location, DY UK Customer Care will work with you to find a solution. Shipping charges and applicable duties and taxes will be your responsibility.

*Clients residing in the UK should be restricted from dropping off items needing servicing in Paris as they will be responsible for all applicable shipping charges, duties and taxes. 

o UK Based Customers (includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland)

Yes, we sell David Yurman earring backs individually in either sterling silver or 18-karat yellow gold. Please note: Earring backs are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Our earring backs are offered in different widths that are intended for select David Yurman earrings. Please find the full list of styles compatible with each earring back below. For assistance with any design not listed, please contact Customer Care by email or phone at (+33) 1 73 03 06 80.

Quatrefoil Earring Back in Sterling Silver, 9mm

Intended for E11537D, E12305D, E12310D, E12489D, E12788D, E12587, E12587D, E16331, E16332D, E08444, E09009D, E11345D, E11982, E12747D, E12834D, E12870D, E13911, E14322, E14323, E14466, E14467, E14986D, E16330D, E13369, E13780D, E13790D, E14533D, E14555, E09271D, E09689, E11032, E11766D, E13228, E13228D, E14036, E14036D, E14223, E14223D, E14522, E14522D, E14523, E14523D, E14653, E14653D, E17016D, E17017D, E17018D, E17075D, E13167D, E14646D, E16392D, E16502D, E16503D, E16512D, E16513D, E16488D, E16598D, E16678D, E16884, E17007, E17097, E17098, E14643, E16192D, E16193D, E16610D, E14743, E06417, E12263D, E13786, E11692D, E16028, E16061, E08824, E11493, E11494, E12155, E14507, E14508, E14509, E14624, E14753D, E14754D, E14755D, E14802D, E16992, E17021, E13662D, E16399D, E16432D, E16521D, E16566D, E14728D, E14806D, E16445D, E16611, E16862, E13633, E13633D, E11586, E11586D, E16920, E16920D, E16982, E16982D


Quatrefoil Earring Back in 18K Yellow Gold, 9mm

Intended for E16331, E16332D, E13154D, E14029D, E14249D, E14280D, E14325, E14376D, E13228D, E16981, E17011D, E17049D, E17058, E16271D, E13581D, E16357D, E16711D, E13225D, E14257D, E16853D, E16991, E08444, E12817, E12817D, E13053D, E13367D, E14213D, E14656, E14879D, E16269, E12705D, E12706D, E14837D, E16342D, E16343D, E16432D, E16566D, E14582D, E14698D, E14815D, E13051D, E14200D

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