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A color photograph shows a horizontal stack of five David Yurman men’s bracelets from the Exotic Stone, Chevron, Streamline® and Shipwreck collections atop a dark reflective surface illuminated by an angular beam of light, and in front of a dark ombré background. The Meteorite bracelet is crafted from woven black leather with sterling silver and meteorite. One of the Chevron bracelets is crafted from sterling silver with black titanium. The Streamline® bracelet and the other Chevron bracelet are crafted from smooth or woven black leather with sterling silver. The Shipwreck bracelet is crafted from textured sterling silver.


Create a look that’s all your own by 
layering styles in complementary 
colors and materials.


Create a look that’s all your own by
layering styles in complementary
colors and materials.

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Spiritual Bead Bracelet, 8mm
8 colors $525 - $1,600
Cable Cuff Bracelet, 6mm
4 colors $675 - $1,850
Woven Box Chain Bracelet
Woven Box Chain Bracelet
3 colors $675
Medium Box Chain Bracelet, 4mm
Cable Cuff Bracelet with 18K Yellow Gold, 6mm
5 colors $1,050 - $1,300
Woven Box Chain Bracelet, 10mm
4 colors $675
Spiritual Bead Bracelet, 6mm
3 colors $450 - $475
Spiritual Beads Bracelet, 6mm
9 colors $3,600 - $37,900
Faceted Bead Bracelet
2 colors $750
Large Box Chain Bracelet, 5mm
Large Box Chain Bracelet, 5mm
Curb Chain Bracelet, 11.5mm
3 colors $1,300 - $13,500
Spiritual Beads Cross Station Bracelet
2 colors $500
Chevron Rubber Weave Bracelet, 8mm
3 colors $575
Wheat Chain Bracelet, 4mm
Exotic Stone Bar Station Leather Bracelet
7 colors $750 - $1,650
Chevron Woven Bracelet, 9mm
2 colors $1,650 - $4,850
Spiritual Beads Skull Station Bracelet
2 colors $800
DY Fortune Woven Bracelet in 18K Gold
Armory Leather Bracelet
Curb Chain Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold, 11.5mm
2 colors $22,450 - $35,650
3 colors $1,000 - $7,550
Box Chain Bracelet, 5mm
3 colors $525
Chevron Woven Rubber Bracelet, 6mm
Box Chain Bracelet, 5mm
Extra-Large Box Chain Bracelet, 7mm
Woven Box Chain Bracelet
3 colors $800
Chevron Woven Bracelet in Black Titanium, 9mm
Double Box Chain Bracelet , 4mm
Woven Bracelet, 5.5mm
2 colors $500
Maritime Anchor Station Leather Bracelet
2 colors $650 - $675
Spiritual Beads Bracelet with Diamonds, 8mm
Spiritual Beads Skull Bracelet
Wheat Chain Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold, 4mm
$3,850 - $4,050
Woven Box Chain Bracelet with 18K Gold
$6,500 - $6,750
Exotic Stone Cross Station Leather Bracelet
Streamline Double-Wrap Leather Bracelet
Spiritual Beads Skull Bracelet
2 colors $500
Curb Chain Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold, 11.5mm
2 colors $22,450 - $31,700