Forged Carbon Faceted Band Ring 18K Yellow Gold, 8mm

$2,650 - $2,850

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Originally used in aeronautics, sports cars, and other high-performance equipment, forged carbon is a lightweight yet strong composite not typically used in jewelry design. David Yurman pioneered a technique fusing this modern material with precious metal into a sleek, innovative, and daring men’s collection.

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With impeccable craftsmanship, David Yurman leverages this unconventional, cutting-edge material into the world of fine jewelry, fashioning it into men’s bracelets, pendants, chain links, cufflinks, signet rings, engagement bands, and more. To offset the graphic composition of the forged carbon, pieces are treated as rare gems in their own right, and are set in polished precious metals—and occasionally accented with sparkling gemstones—leaving a striking impression.