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We’re Here to Help

From advice on caring for your DY jewelry to help choosing the
perfect gift, our experts are pleased to assist you in any way.

We’re Here to Help

From advice on caring for your DY jewellery to help choosing the
perfect gift, our experts are pleased to assist you in any way.


Delivery & Processing Charges (D&P)

FedEx Standard 2-day Air - Complimentary Shipping and Handling (Domestic Only)
Your order should arrive 2 business days after shipping if ordered by 3:00PM (ET). Please note that 2-day orders placed after 3:00PM (ET) on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be processed on Monday and should arrive 2 business days after shipping.  Saturday, Sunday and holiday delivery is not available. A signature will be required for all shipments at the time of delivery.

FedEx Standard Overnight Air - $17 Shipping and Handling (Domestic Only)
Orders placed before 3:00PM (ET) Monday through Thursday will be delivered the following business day. Orders placed before 3:00PM (ET) on Friday will be delivered Monday. Every order is subject to review. After 3:00PM (ET), orders will be shipped the following business day. Saturday, Sunday and holiday delivery is not available. A signature will be required for all shipments at the time of delivery.

Delivery to U.S. Territories, Canada and Other International Destinations
At this time, we are only able to allow online orders for Canadian addresses through our Canadian site. It is not possible to specify any other international destination. Select U.S. territories are available for shipping when placing an order through a David Yurman Customer Care Specialist.

P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO/DPO, and Freight Forwarders 
Currently, we do not allow shipments to P.O. Boxes.  Billing addresses may contain P.O. Boxes.  We also do not allow shipments to APO/FPO/DPO or freight forwarding address locations.

If you have any questions, please EMAIL US.  You may also call a David Yurman Customer Care Specialist at 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626).


Registered customers, please click SIGN IN to access web order status and history.

Non-registered customers do not have online access to order status and history. You may request information via EMAIL, online chat, or by calling 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626). Please provide the order confirmation number so we can respond more quickly and accurately.

Order Updates

We will send updates regarding the status of your order, including when your item(s) ship*, to the email address you provided when ordering.

*This excludes items shipped from vendor.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly accept items for exchange, refund or merchandise credit within 14 days, accompanied by a sales receipt. If returned between 15 and 30 days, an exchange or merchandise credit will be granted. All returns must be unaltered, unworn and in saleable condition. Orders received after 30 days will not be accepted for return or exchange. 

Please visit our Returns page to print out a shipping label for items and gifts purchased on After you have shipped back your return, please allow 2-3 weeks for its processing. Alternatively, you may bring the item back to a David Yurman Boutique for return or exchange. All refunds will be issued to the original form of payment with the exception of cash purchases, which will be refunded by company check. Please note used merchandise will not be accepted for refund or exchange unless defective. Some exclusions may apply.


Any merchandise purchased in a store should be returned at the store where it was purchased. Restricted items must be returned using ground transportation.

Price Adjustments

Purchase price will be credited. Prices are subject to change. We offer a one-time (single order) refund or adjustment for items purchased within 10 days of a price adjustment. This includes permanent Sale items and excludes temporary special promotion items. For questions and adjustments call 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626). We work hard to ensure the accuracy of pricing, but despite our best efforts, pricing errors may occur.

•   If an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, contact you for instructions before shipping. If we are unable to contact you after 15 days we will cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

•   If an item's correct price is lower than our stated price, we will charge you the lower amount when your order is shipped.


Treat them to an artful design of their choosing with a David Yurman gift card—perfect for everyone and any occasion.

Shop Gift Cards


A gift from David Yurman is always treasured. Whether it’s for a loved one or just for you, our dedicated Customer Care specialists and Brand Ambassadors are available to help you find the ideal gift.


David Yurman Pricing Parameters

As each diamond is unique and has its own precise gemological characteristics, pricing will vary. Price is based on color, clarity, center stone shape, and carat weight and is subject to change and availability. A broader selection of carat weights is available.

A David Yurman Wedding Specialist will be pleased to work within your budget to find the perfect engagement ring for you or your loved one.


David Yurman offers financing for purchases over $2,000.00 through the Jewelers Reserve Citibank financing program. Speak to a David Yurman Customer Care professional by calling 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626) for additional information.


David Yurman jewelry is extremely well crafted and if cared for properly can be enjoyed for generations.  Air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes and other natural elements can dull the appearance of gemstones or precious metals.  Because of this, it is always good practice to wipe down your jewelry with a cotton cloth after wear.

Additionally, jewelry should be professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. Just like a fine automobile, periodic inspection and maintenance of jewelry helps prevent costly repairs or replacements. Personally inspect your jewelry as you wear it by looking for loose or chipped stones, worn links, bent prongs, or malfunctioning clasps.

If a problem is found, the piece should be brought in immediately for repair to prevent more extensive damage or loss. Your nearest David Yurman boutique can facilitate this, or you may call 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626) to learn about other options.

How to Care for Ceramic Coated Pinky Rings

The ceramic material is strong but fragile if hit against or dropped on hard surfaces such as concrete, metal or wood. We suggest using care not to drop or hit the ring against any hard surfaces. The ceramic-coated surface is hard and does not easily scratch, however, it is recommendable to store it in a DY pouch to prevent scratching when in contact with other metal jewelry. The pouch will also help maintain the luster of the Sterling Silver ring.

Pinky rings can be washed with mild soap and water then air dried.  Once dried, the Sterling Silver areas can be gently polished with a polishing cloth.

How to Care for Mixed Metal Pure Form

Bronze is emblematic to David Yurman as the first metal used in his journey from art to jewelry. During the American Craft Movement of the 1960s and 70s, David primarily used bronze to create “art to wear,” and sculptural jewelry. Bronze is a metal alloy of approximately 60% copper and 40% tin.

The high copper content is responsible for bronze taking on rich, golden tones and a characteristic warm luster over time. Like the precious metals, bronze has a variety of alloys and finishes that give distinctive coloring, creating different patinas—from vivid green, and blue to golden browns and black. These “living patinas” are a defining aspect of bronze and, as such, react uniquely with different skin types—each person affecting its subtle color changes. Copper is also thought to have restorative and medicinal properties. In some customers, copper can cause a greenish discoloration to the skin when in direct contact.  It is harmless and can be easily washed off with soap and water.

To reduce the potential for bronze and brass reactions on the skin:

  • Do not wear in water and dry quickly if the piece gets wet
  • Do not wear during exercise or in the case of extreme heat
  • Do not apply excessive lotions while wearing
  • Regularly clean bronze jewelry with a polishing cloth
  • Store in anti-tarnish bag provided at purchase
  • Use a polishing cloth to remove fingerprints prior to storage.

How to Care for Aluminum Cable Bracelets

To celebrate the iconic David Yurman Cable design, we chose to showcase it in aluminum, an unconventional material that allows us to achieve a range of brilliant colors. Because it is more fragile than sterling silver, please wear your bracelet with care to avoid scratching or denting it.

When not in use, store your bracelet in the provided David Yurman pouch.

How to Clean Your David Yurman Jewelry

Over time, air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes and other natural elements can make jewelry and gemstones appear dull. Below are some tips for keeping your pieces clean and shiny.

How to Avoid Damaging Gemstones

Some gemstones are by nature more fragile than others. In general, you can prevent many problems by not exposing gemstones to common elements such as:

  • Chlorine
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Extreme heat or light
  • Salt water

All gemstones, including diamonds, can chip, scratch, or abrade under the right circumstances. Avoid wearing rings or bracelets while doing any manual labor, including housework. Jewelry should be taken off before strenuous activity or during times when it might be subjected to sharp blows or excessive friction.

For most gemstones, it is best to clean them using dishwashing soap with water.  However, due to the fragile nature of rubies and emeralds, they should only be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth - diluted dishwashing soap should not be used.

Never remove rings by pulling on the stone; the prongs or bezel can be damaged causing the stone to loosen or fall out.

When not in use, always store your David Yurman jewelry in the pouch you received when purchased.  Store each piece of gemstone jewelry separately in its storage pouch to prevent excessive tarnishing and scratching.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver tarnishes in the presence of common everyday items that contain sulfur, such as leather, rubber, chlorine, and perspiration. Other elements to be mindful of are air pollutants and salt water. Because these substances cannot be completely avoided, it is recommended that sterling silver be routinely wiped down with the white side of the David Yurman polishing cloth that came with your piece. Regular wear of your David Yurman sterling silver can also help prevent tarnishing—we recommend that you enjoy and wear your David Yurman jewelry every day. When not in use, store your jewelry in the David Yurman pouch that came with your purchase.

Use a clean, cotton cloth and mild dish detergent diluted in water.  Apply the diluted dish detergent to the clean cotton cloth and rub the piece in one direction.  Try to avoid circular motions.

To remove heavier tarnish, wash your silver jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Never use anything but a clean, nub-free cotton or flannel cloth. We do not recommend silver polish or dip style cleaning solutions, which will remove the antique oxidation that we intentionally apply to many David Yurman silver pieces to give them their distinctive look. If more thorough cleaning is required, an authorized jeweler can clean your pieces to restore them to a like-new condition. We recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned once a year.

Cleaning Gold and Platinum Jewelry

To clean gold or platinum jewelry, dilute dish detergent in a small bowl of warm water and soak each piece for a 3-5 mins.  Gently clean your item by using a clean cotton cloth.  To ensure you removed all the diluted dish soap, rinse your jewelry under warm running water, and pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.  Be sure to dry your jewelry completely before wearing again.

David Yurman advises against using an ultrasonic cleaner, steamer or other “at home” jewelry cleaning chemicals (including bleach, ammonia, baking soda and aluminum foil) on gemstones. They should only be cleaned with diluted mild dish soap and warm water (see above for clean instructions).

Cleaning Jewelry with Crystalline Gemstones

Crystalline gemstones, such as amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, or peridot attract oils and lotions causing them to appear dull. To clean, soak them in a bowl of water with a touch of gentle dish soap. A soft baby’s toothbrush may be used to scrub around and behind the stone. After cleaning, place your jewelry in a strainer and rinse before thoroughly drying with a lint-free cloth.

For diamonds, rubies, and sapphires set in gold or platinum, you can use a drop of ammonia in the rinse water. However, ammonia discolors organic gemstones and damages and dulls silver, so do not use it on these materials.

Cleaning Jewelry with Organic and Opaque Gemstones

Never use an ultrasonic cleaner or chemicals (including bleach or ammonia) on organic gems and opaque stones such as pearls, opals, coral, turquoise, and lapis lazuli. They should only be wiped clean with a damp cloth. In addition, avoid contact with hairspray, lotions, and perfumes, which can be absorbed over time, causing discoloration.

A note about Meteorite: Over time, the surface of meteorite naturally darkens due to its high iron content. While we have employed several measures to prevent oxidization, this patina is unique to meteorite, adding to its beauty and proving its authenticity. To preserve the etched finish, treat meteorite like other sensitive stones: avoid abrasion, as well as corrosive chemicals, cleaning products, chlorine, and salt water. If exposed to any of these, rinse under tap water for a few minutes and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.

As your Meteorite piece ages, it can be polished by hand with a polishing cloth, or left alone to achieve an antique look. To restore the unique Widmanstätten (cross-hatch) pattern to its full brilliance, please bring your piece to a David Yurman boutique or authorized retailer for refurbishment.

Cleaning Pearls

Pearls require proper care to retain their beauty and luster. They should be kept away from perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration, chlorine, vinegar, ammonia, and dirt. We recommend you put them on last, after hair products and perfume. Pearls should be removed before exercising to protect them from perspiration. After wearing, gently wipe them with a slightly damp cloth.

Wash pearls periodically with mild soap (not detergent) and a soft cloth. Rinse pearls in clean water and wrap them in a thin, damp cotton towel to dry.

To prevent scratches, pearls should be stored away from other objects in the storage pouch provided. However, do not store them in an airtight package such as a plastic bag. Opals and pearls require humidity. When storing them, make sure the environment is not too dry or they may crack.

David Yurman advises against using an ultrasonic cleaner, steamer or other “at home” jewelry cleaning chemicals (including bleach, ammonia, baking soda and aluminum foil) on gemstones. They should only be cleaned with diluted mild dish soap and warm water (see above for clean instructions).

Caring for Bubblegum Pinky Rings

Bubblegum Pinky Rings require proper care to retain their colors and scents. Avoid exposing your ring to: acetone, prolonged periods of sunlight, hair spray, perfume, and soap. Remove your ring when washing your hands or swimming in a pool or the ocean. Because these rings are made of resin, it's also important to protect them from intense heat. Take extra care when cooking or using heat styling tools such as a curling iron. For any repairs, please visit your nearest David Yurman boutique, or call 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626) to learn about other options.

What shipping options are available on

Currently, we ship via FedEx (2-Day and Overnight) to the U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territories. As a convenience for our customers, we offer complimentary 2-day shipping on domestic orders.

Is it possible to ship to P.O. and APO/FPO/DPO boxes from

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipment services to P.O. or APO/FPO/DPO boxes at this time. Please contact one of our Customer Care Specialists if you have any further questions HERE or at 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626).

What payment methods are accepted on

We accept the following forms of payment for orders placed on  American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and David Yurman gift cards.  For your convenience, your credit card information can be stored in your account. This is secure information and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the account holder.  For more information, see our PRIVACY POLICY.  For added security, your billing address at must exactly match the address on file at your credit card company. The processing of your order may be delayed if these addresses are different.

Military Discount on Engagement Rings

David Yurman provides a military discount of 10% (with maximum discount of $1,000 USD) on in-store purchases of engagement rings. This offer is limited to US residents only and is not to be combined with any other offers or promotions. Participating David Yurman boutiques; certain restrictions apply. For more information, please contact your local David Yurman boutique.

Does David Yurman offer personal shopping services?

Yes. This complimentary service will save you time and is obligation-free. Our experienced specialists will help eliminate the guesswork that goes into selecting the perfect gift – whether it is for yourself or someone else. We welcome you to contact a Customer Care Specialist directly or by phone, 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626) between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM EST Monday through Friday, and between 9am and 6pm EST Saturday and Sunday.

Can I ship my order to an international location?

Yes, we can ship to most international locations at the customer’s expense.  All shipping, customs and duty fees are the responsibility of the customer.  Please e-mail us for more information.

Will my David Yurman purchase arrive gift-wrapped?

Yes. It will be wrapped in our exclusive David Yurman packaging. A certificate of authenticity and polishing cloths are enclosed.

Can I include a personalized gift message with my purchase?

Yes. You may enter a personalized gift message during checkout.

Is all David Yurman merchandise available for purchase online?

Our website offers a selected assortment of our newest and most popular styles.  If our website does not currently have the item or size you are searching for, we may have it available at a David Yurman boutique.  To find out about additional products, styles, or sizes, please email us or visit a David Yurman boutique.  Locate a David Yurman boutique near you by clicking HERE.

What if I need extra help or advice about my purchase?

Our experienced specialists will help you save time and eliminate the guesswork that goes into selecting the perfect gift. We understand the importance of looking your best and are dedicated to selecting items that best suit your needs. We welcome you to contact a Customer Care Specialist directly HERE or by phone, 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626) between the hours of 8am and 8pm EST Monday through Friday, and between 9am and 6pm EST Saturday and Sunday.

How can I check an order I placed on

Registered customers, please click SIGN IN to access web order status and history.

Non-registered customers do not have online access to order status and history. You may request information via e-mail,, online chat, or by calling 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626). Please provide the order confirmation number so we can respond more quickly and accurately.

Do other stores sell authentic, new David Yurman merchandise?

There are hundreds of retailers that sell David Yurman designs. Locate a David Yurman boutique near you by clicking HERE.

Where can I report a possible counterfeit design or website selling suspected David Yurman knock-offs?

Please e-mail us at

How can I make returns or exchanges?

For online returns or exchanges, please click HERE or contact a Customer Care Specialist at 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626). For products purchased through a boutique, please contact the store directly. For further assistance, please contact us via email.

How do I purchase a David Yurman gift card?

David Yurman gift cards are available for purchase at any David Yurman boutique or online. For further assistance, please contact our customer service.

We welcome you to use your David Yurman gift card at any of our David Yurman boutiques and through our online store (

Can gift cards purchased on be returned?

Yes, gift cards can be returned if they have not been used and are still in their original packaging and is within the return timeframe of 14 days.  Your gift card purchase from will include a return shipment label which you can use to send back to us.  If you have any further questions, please contact a Customer Care Specialist or at 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626).

Can I use my David Yurman gift card to make a purchase online?

Yes. Cards can be used online, in-store and with a Customer Care Specialist.

How can I check the remaining balance on my David Yurman gift card?

Once you have entered your gift card number and CIN code, please hit the "check your balance" button to retrieve your available value. Please click HERE to check your balance.

May I replace a lost or stolen David Yurman gift card?

Gift cards are treated as cash and are not replaceable. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced gift cards.

Why does David Yurman use simulated turquoise?

Due to increased demand for turquoise, mines worldwide have become depleted and there is very little natural turquoise left. Because the Sleeping Beauty turquoise that David Yurman favors is particularly scarce, we have opted to use simulated turquoise in some of our jewelry collections. This material comprises natural stones that are ground into a paste, bound with resin, and dyed to achieve a beautiful blue hue.

What is the difference between hematite and hematine?

Hematite is the technical word for iron oxide rocks that occur in nature. While very beautiful, Hematite is also quite brittle and doesn’t polish well. To achieve consistency and beauty in his designs, David Yurman chooses to use Hematine, a man-made stone also composed of iron oxide. Hematine is easier to manipulate and has a brilliant sheen. The two stones are virtually indistinguishable from each other and are close in value.

How do I register my David Yurman merchandise?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer the option to register your David Yurman merchandise.  However, all purchases and order history are saved when you create an account on  Should you require further information concerning a specific David Yurman piece, please contact one of our Customer Care Specialist or at 1-888-DYURMAN (1-888-398-7626).

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How do I participate in a David Yurman Hashtag Campaign?

Participating is easy! Hashtag campaigns will include instructions more specific to each campaign so be sure to read carefully!

Generally, absent instructions specific to a particular campaign, the guidelines for social media participation are as follows: take a photo of your favorite David Yurman jewelry, timepieces, or accessories, tag it with #davidyurman or the applicable hashtag(s), and share it on the specified social media platform, including but not limited to Twitter™, Instagram™, Facebook™, g+™, Google+™, YouTube™, and Pinterest®. By using the applicable hashtag(s), including but not limited to hashtags such as #davidyurman in connection with your social media post, you acknowledge and give your consent to David Yurman that your photos(s) and your name and likeness may be used by David Yurman Enterprises LLC or on

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Don't forget: You need to be 18 years or older to share your photo with us!

So, what can’t I share?  

We want to encourage the responsible use of social media so please don't share anything vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, hateful, profane, indecent, racially or ethnically derogatory. Same goes for content that would constitute a criminal offense or promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons. For the full list of what you shouldn't share, check out ouUSER GENERATED CONTENT POLICY.

I've shared my Submission, but I don't see it posted anywhere. What's the deal?  

First, you should check to see if your social media account is public. If it's private, we can't see you or your pictures! Make sure you've used the correct hashtag(s) #davidyurman. All photos are subject to an approval process and won't be posted until they have been approved. If we can't identify the product, no longer carry the product, if you are under 18, or we feel like your photo doesn't comply with our requirements, we won't be able to post it. In the end, David Yurman has the final say on whether we will use your Submission.

What if I want to have my Submission removed?  

Please contact to send a request to have your Submission removed. Be sure to include all relevant information so that we can find your Submission and ensure it is properly taken down! Once we receive your request, and confirm it, we'll remove your Submission.

Who owns my Submission?  

If you shared the photo, you own it. However, once you tag your photo with #davidyurman or the applicable hashtag(s) and share it, you are agreeing to our Legal Notice and our User Generated Content policy and granting David Yurman permission, among other things, to use the photo and your name, social media handle and any accompanying caption on our website, emails, in advertising or in any other marketing material. For more specifics, check out the full  TERMS & CONDITIONS and our USER GENERATED CONTENT POLICY.

Other important details  

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